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This number keeps calling with an automated message asking if I'm "Joe Parmly, or something like that" and if I'm not to press 3 and wait for an operator. When you hit 3 nothing happens.

I want them to stop calling.
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The Affordable Care Act, is a sham, that even Obama himself knows will not sustain itself. As the bills author said, AFTER it was passed  (Senator Baucus) "this is a train wreck!"  Obamacare was not the intent of the democrats when they passed it.  It is merely an interem step to "single payer" which will be the "Last man standing" when Obamacare destroys what is left of the American health system.  It is a destroying tactic, to get us to government paid "single payer" healthcare, which will make our health care no better than any other bananna republic on the planet.  Shame on you for even considering Obamacare as being something even remotely "good"!
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Calling everyday and disturbing us.
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Every single day keep CALLING! And CALLING ! and CALLING!!! Don't answer that number at ALL!!!
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I would like to have it taken care of (assuming I have some bill I am unaware of), but when you answer and hit 1, it plays some quick draw mcgraw music and then the line goes dead. EVERY TIME THEY CALL.
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