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The girl who called after I pretended that I was interested, asked me what's your social! I said , what do you mean and said your social security number, I asked what for, she said we need to see if it matches the one they have. This must be a joke! What an idiot and a scammer! You guys be careful!
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Called this number.  Verizon states: "call cannot be completed as dialed".  So I simply "blocked" this number on my phone. They still keep calling..  It rings once and then stops.  How dumb/stupid can these  idiots be.  Any way I don't have to listen to their "B.S"  I guess some people have nothing else to do.
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These people call s several times a daybbpurporting to be a home security company.bbthey need to be stopped please.
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They are calling us about 6 times a day. They won't leave a message. When I do answer, it's always "Jonathan" who is on the line. I've asked to be taken off his list. He then hung up on me. The calls continue. After being fed up, I answered it. Again it's Jonathan. Before he began his script, I asked if I could ask him a question. He said "sure". I asked, "Why do you keep calling"? He laughed and hung up. At what point is considered harassment?
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Jonathan called me a couple days ago. Yes, he's with a security company. I asked to remove me from their list. He hung up. since then, they've called about 6 times a day. Fed up, I answered the call again. It was Jonathan. I asked him if I could ask him a question. He said sure. I asked, "Why do you keep calling"? He laughed and then hung up on me.
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