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First, you are replying to a 3 year old post.  Second, I am sure there are a few posters on here that never went to this hospital nor owe them any money.
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Yep considering we live in the only nation that has a for profit healthcare system I would say your 100% right, we all owe and always will owe, that's how its suppose to work.
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Em H
The # called me @ 8a, answered it and no answer. I heard something in background, called back and phone number was busy. If it's Aultman Collections like everyones saying, why the heck do they call and hang up on you???
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yes, it's bill.collections for aultman  hospital.  funny, I was gonna pay it, but I sat on hold for recording saying, please hold, it's important we speak with you....I WAS ON HOLD FOR 5 MINUTES before I finally hung up!!  not to worry though, a real person usually calls back in about 5-10 minutes.....or you'll at least get the recording like all.day, every half hour!!  and I owe $15.
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recording please hold a rep will be with you, call is important . then dont make me wait to tell your stupid [***] to not call me again.Tired of the [***]
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