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Arkansas fort Smith Craigslist
Seen an add on Craigslist saying whoever this person is needs a house cleaner I'm glad I looked on Google. I checked Facebook and seen no suggestion .thank you all for enlightening me
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Same thing with me, an Ann Edwards is currently "sending me a check" to clean a place they will be moving into in a couple weeks.  Glad I googled the phone number first.  Thanks for the heads up everyone.
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I've been emailing back and forth with her as well on craigslist about a cleaner her and her family needs when they move to town in a couple weeks.  Said her husband is going to send me a certified bank check to get the supplies for the place plus a weeks worth of pay to make sure I know they're real.  Kept sounding too good to be true and am trying to figure out how they could benefit from someone buying cleaning supplies and cleaning their place.  Was planning on keeping reciepts in case the check didn't clear so at least I wouldn't be out on money on top of having my time wasted but now I think I should pass all-together after looking up the phone number on here.  She is using the name Ann Edward with me and her posting is in the east Idaho part of craigslist looking for someone to clean a 3 bedroom fully-furnished apartment...3 days a week which I thought sounded a bit excessive but people like what they like and I'm not one to judge.  She hasn't asked me to send her any money (yet) and i've let her know multiple times that im skeptical of this scenario and not willing to spend any of my own money in this transaction.  I didn't know you could be held responsible for a certified check not clearing which is scary and good to know.  How do we report this and get it taken off so some poor other soul doesn't get taken advantage of?
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I just got scamed by this lady thank god im only out 10.00 for returned check fee... I knew it wa to good to be true... shes saying she needs house cleaned  and going by the name ann Edwards please becareful....
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