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OMG!! it recently happened to me...I found it in Craiglist. That person offered me a job as a personal assistance and sent me a check of my first salary of $650.00. I found  everything very strange, because it was everything so random, nothing professional..
This is the company Eco Sculptor; Martin Dahinden Company.. After he found out, I was not stupid, he delete the website he got online..
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Hello Applicant,

I hereby acknowledge the receipt of your email showing the interest
for an Administrative Duties. I'm David Scofield an Eco-Sculptor and
Consultant. I need a competent Personal Assistant to run my errands
and administrative backups as a result of my tight working schedule
within and outside the State . This is a permanent job but could be a
temporary or part-time depends on your own schedule, you will equally
enjoy the flexibility of work schedule because this is a work from
home for now.

You are required to be Honest, loyal and trustworthy. What you will be
handling mainly are logistics assignment which includes; Letter
dispatch, Invoice processing, postage drops off, Shopping for material
samples, client's complimentary items, collection of funds (Mostly
Checks) and disbursing of same. Instruction on disbursement will be
sent to you and you will be making report to me daily via email.  I'll
be providing a clear instruction on any assignment for the week and
give a clue on how best you could handle them while you are expected
to learn quickly on the job. Your working hour would be 15 hrs weekly
with a weekly pay of $450.

Kindly apply and re-affirm me with your details as stated below for
proper verification if you are interested;

Full Name:
Mobile Number:
Alternative/Preferred Email:

I'll equally ensure prompt response.

Thank you,

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Im in mesa az and he changed his name to chris baker now he is now sending me a check im reporting him as soon as i recieve it
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I just looked up a reply to a Craigslist job ad. The guy said his name was Michael Williams, and he was looking for someone to be a part-time receptionist for a gymnastics place. When I sent my resume, he emailed me back with a very generic type job and said he would be paying me $500 a week to work from home and do some errands and mailings, and receive and handle checks for him. He said he was an Eco-Sculptor and Consultant. So, I Google searched that job title and found all of these posts!  I am glad this was posted. Saves me time figuring it out on my own.
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Thought I would add the email addresses this guy used:
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
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