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Thank you for your quick response and the interest in my post. First let me introduce myself, my name is Franklin Copeland, I am the Project Manager for Eco Sculptor Martin Dahinden Company. As the project manager of the company, it is my duty to always be on site monitoring operations, this is why I need someone that can be trusted, reliable as well as hardworking. who will always cover for me while I'm on site. Basically, I need you to be my personal assistant.

Martin has been doing Eco-sculpture for the past 15 years with reclaimed materials. His work is an expression of the sculptural process.  Using recycled materials he changes the design in organic ways to suit the natural environment.  Martin's work encompasses everything from kinetic moving sculpture to Liveable Eko-Tecture, public Eco-art installations and even industrial Eco-design. Martin is an active member of the Pemberton Arts Council and a global art specialist willing to travel anywhere to satisfy his urge to be creative.

In the beginning we start with 4 basic elements wood, metal, fire and water.  As humans we interact with these elements on a daily basis for our entire lives. Our connection to the material does not end once an item has outlived its use in our lives as it is still part of the environment in which we live.  Martin's work as an Eco-sculptor is to reclaim these materials and using a sense of play infuse them into an environment where people can share and explore their perceptions.  The lens that we view the world with is reflected in our views of art, history and a sense of where we belong.

This water-cycle sculpture is a creation made from old well-loved bicycle parts. Its purpose is to cool down hot cyclists at the local Pemberton Slow Food Cycle 2010. Not only is the sculpture interactive but also Eco-friendly and connects the cyclist to the history of bike technology.   I invite you to explore and share in Martin's Eco-sculpture experience and see where your mind takes you...

I am in need of somebody who can combine the responsibilities of an administrative & personal assistant at his/her spare time. The pay will be $600 every week. I need your professional service because I am constantly out of town.

Your duties basically would be Shopping for gifts, assistance in collection of funds {checks mostly} and disbursing of same. Instruction for disbursement  would be sent to you, and you will make a report to me also through email daily. This position is open to people 18 years and above and no sign up fee is required.

This is only an introductory e-mail, as time goes on we should be able to arrange a proper meeting to get things started officially. You do have a number of things you could help with this week if you will be available for the tasks. This can act as a stable foundation to our working relationship. Kindly RE-CONFIRM your contact details as shown on your resume to enable us proceed to next step.

Kindly provide your Contact Information below: Such as your Full Name, Address and reachable cell phone number.

Once I have received your contact information, I will get back to you with next steps and tasks. Include your cell number for TEXT. Your information requested is needed for our company database as an employee and be assured your information is safe and will not be shared.

Best Regards,
Franklin Copeland
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Jennifer Hicks
I got this same kind of thing going on, Lady just sent me 2250.00 and said I was to put in bank and when it clears to send all of it except $650.00 then she would send me information where to send money. I knew it was to good to be true. Her name is Debbie Hanson  her job post was on Craig's list. her number is 213-207-6831. She said she works for Eco Sculptor Martin Dahinden . This is a fake.
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yea I almost fell for it to he sent me a check 2580 and told me.to send it to.all these business and keep 600 dollars for my self he said deposit it in my bank and take 1600 out and pay all these people I knew it was to good to.be true
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he did the same thing to.me and told.me the same thing I can't he is doing this to.people it's really [***] up
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Crap I filled out the informant in part after he emailed me back. And know I don't know what to do.
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