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A man called to sell radio advertisements for an upcoming blood drive. He claimed to be with the 94.7 radio station in OKC. Packages ranged from $99 for one day to $488 for five days. His pitch was convincing. He was very pushy, which is not uncommon. The scam giveaway was when I mentioned that I would need to call him back and he responded "have a nice day" and hung up.
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This joker called and asked to speak to the owner of the company (he called him by name). In the meantime I'm jotting down this number to look up later. I asked what the call was in regards to, and he proceeded to lecture me about how now-a-days you can't even make a call without going through the ringer and blah, blah, blah, bs, bs, bs... I was just silent, and he didn't quite know what to do then so he just chuckled. JERK!  Then he proceeded to lie and tell me that he was with ESPN. Again, I asked, what is this call regarding?  He gave a heavy sigh and spoke loudly, "we're doing a project for our first responders and I have "saved a spot" for your company to have an ad."  I put the asshat on hold - twice - then told him that the owner is unavaliable. No message, no number, just being a [***] to me because he could. When and IF this twatspotter calls again I've got his number and I'll be ready! LOL!!!
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Acme Muffler LLC
"Bob" calls all the time, soliciting for advertising on a local radio station. I have advertised a few times. The last time I told him to call back in six months. That was a month ago. He called again today and I told him I wasn't in. I have emailed the company and asked Bob to stop.
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Automotive Repair
Call today and asked for Bob. Told them we don't have a Bob here. He said, 'Oh. I'm sorry. I'm looking for Rob." Again I said we don't have a Rob working here. He said, "Well maybe I am looking for a Robert." I said, "Listen we don't have a Robert either and I'm not interested in anything you have to offer." I hung up. He immediately called back. This time, my son answered the phone. They immediately hung up with out sputtering another word.
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courtesy call, my butt
A guy looking for the owner of my business. Refused to leave a message and said it was just "a courtesy call". SCAM! beware!
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