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Just received a call from Terry Urban. Our caller ID shows she is calling from 253-269-6888. She said she was leaving a msg for the Dr. and that it's not an emergency. Her msg was for the Dr. to call back to 361-866-5117. She did not say from what business she was calling from. When I asked what is this regarding, she said she had a conversation with Dr. Donell & has questions. We hung up, but our office does not deal with anyone with that name. Sounds like a scam to me.
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Dental Practice Manager
A woman called from McKinney Dental Group she was very direct by telling me I needed to take this number down and get a message to my Dr from a Shawna. She was quit rude not giving any information at all. First of all it was a Washington State phone number 253-269-6888, My dental practice is in Mckinney Texas and we are not affiliated with any groups out side my office and if we are they reveal them selves and don't speak with such stern authority. I asked what this was in regards to and she said I was asked to call on behalf of Shawna. I said does Shawna have a last name? she said it was Montez. Note to self after reading all the other comments Shawna has some alias last names...LOL! This I definitely some type of fraud or scam Please make sure you are screening all your calls and be alert
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San Rafael
Got a call from Brit from this number - sounded very authoritative and wanted to speak with the doctor or her vm. She did not say why and said she was also sending an email - which never came. I called the number to see if they had the right email and spoke with Brit's assistant. I asked what they do at ADL (Adliance?) and was told they do different things with different doctors but would not be specific. I asked her again and she said "I already told you. I'll have Brit call you" and then hung up. SCAM!
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Hans called from a "dentist portal" asking for our dentist to call a Shaun back at 253-269-6888....SCAM!!!!!!
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Shawna Clark from Adliance called 253-269-6888. Said she needed to speak with our doctor and tried to make it sound like she knew our doctor. Kept calling her by her first name. Refused to leave a message and after much pressing, said it had something to do with some dental network and she would let a "Dr. Bernstein" know to call her back in a few weeks. I googled Adliance since we have no idea what company that is and got a very vague website that states "Adliance joins similar, local businesses into powerful, internet marketing portals".
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