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Sam C.
His name Travis-         Says he is LIV Wiindows Support
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Claimed they were connected with Microsoft calling themselves "Windows Support".
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My phone ID said caller's name and # were 'Unavailable'  - that was the first clue

Initial call made by a woman, heavy S. Asian accent - so I asked to speak to a supervisor.
Travis (Supervisor?) came on and said he was from Microsoft Windows Support, and he was calling
to warn me about unusual activity on my compuer and that dire things would
happen, etc. etc. AND HE COULD FIX THEM NOW...(really - how fortuitous?)
Fast talker, slightly rude, quite pushy, attempted to dominate the issue with his 'information'

Travis is a busy boy - and does his mother knows what he does for a living?
I don't believe she would be impressed...
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Received a very staticy call from a different number (253-236-2020) claiming to be Live Windows Support.  Very thick East Indian accent and because of the static could not understand a word that was said but gave me this number to call back on.  Oh... and my computer is in dire trouble from bad stuff that isn't a virus... hmmm... I have 3 layers of firewall protection, daily malware scans... and my computer is receiving these bad things.

What really got me curious was the loud childrens' voices in the background.  And... I'm still wondering how they got my unlisted phone number...
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Called my hubby about MY computer and that there were tons of viruses on them. Woman had a heavy Asian accent. Her name was Matilda. When we asked for her ID badge she refused to give us an id number but told us to go to livewindowssupport.com. I think NOT! Total scam.

How the heck would they know my computer has viruses. The ironic thing is at the time they called I had just completed my daily scan! LOL! And no viruses. Amazing.

Do not trust them.
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