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Stephen E
I went to considerable effort to determine that this number, and presumably the person caling from it, is legitimate. I eventually received a call-back from Social Security confirming this. My wife spoke with the Social Security representative afterward, and the conversation appeared quite appropriate and normal. So, I would say that this is all legitimate, even though their procedures do not make clear which office may call, and why.
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Unanswered call. Left no message. Googled the number and came up owned by a private person who supposedly works for social security. I firmly doubt it as to why social security would be doing business from a privately owned number. Reported and now blocked.
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Mary Donovan
Claimed to be AS A and said they would withhold benefits of I would not give them current address.
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I received a call today, with this number displayed as caller ID, along with Richmond California as origin.  The caller asked for me by name, but the phone line quality was poor.  The caller gave a name, which was previously unknown to me, and stated he was calling from Social Security Administration.  My SSDI claim was approved in 2009 back to 2007, and has been running ever since.  Note:  While I am not an expert in the inner workings of the Social Security Administration, it seems 99% or greater unlikely that I would ever get a phone call from anyone in the legitimate Richmond California Office, at least without moving first -- I don't live in their service area.  Before someone remarks but they aren't that kind of office, they process some kind of paperwork for the whole country, let me say this: if that's the case then they don't call people, they let the field offices call people, and where I live, my field office isn't in California.  Now it's quite possible that for economic reasons they built a field office and the Western Programs office into the same building... but they would still be two separate units.  ---T.R.E.
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No, I disagree.  A legitimate number for the social security office would comply with federal telecommunications laws and FCC regulations, including the ones that require that the caller ID number displayed be correct, and accurately display the contact number for the organization.  A recording of "this is not a working number" doesn't meet that test.
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