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This has been going on for years and no one can put a stop to it???  Obviously, from reading over the posts, this scammer seems to know when someone has made a claim. Hmmm....  What raised the red flag for me was the cold call coming from an SSA person. Usually, they send a letter, or send an email to an online inquiry, which tells you who to call.  I did call SSA and asked them to verify if anyone was trying to call me from the SSA. No, no record of anyone trying to call me. Plus why would an office in California call someone in NJ? Hmmm???? Scam.
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From my experience this appears to be a legitimate number.  The reason you cannot call back on it is because of the total lack of customer service in the SSA.  If it became known that you could call this number and have a decent chance of actually talking to someone, the SSA in Richmond would be overwhelmed with calls.   Instead they want you to call the  800-772-1213 number which often has an over 3 hour wait time.  The post office does the same thing.  Ever have a problem with mail delivery and tried to find the telephone number for your local post office?   You won't.  You will only find a national number in DC that is a waste of time.  I haven't checked but I am sure the VA , IRS, and other mismanaged agencies are the same.
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Also need to mention that 1-877-772-3794 is a total scam number..."please stay on the line for a special offer"
I do not believe the Social Security office provides 'special offers'   LOL
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Have received 2 calls from this number, no vm. Return calls get msg "this is a non-working number"
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Bob B.
I called Social Security after getting called from this number the day after I applied for SSI. It is legit. It was from the Western Region Service in Richmond, CA. Agents make these calls when they have questions about your application or need more information.
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